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2009-12-02 04:37:42 by Zn3tz

So I feel that no-one listens to my shit, so... yeah...

Dance with me! Its up check it :)

2009-03-17 14:58:42 by Zn3tz

And yea the title says it all!

New song and a remix is up! And I can't get the gates to work... READ!

2008-11-12 14:13:02 by Zn3tz

The Penumbra game theme has now a remix made by me, check it out!
Read description first!
Also I uploaded a shorter version of DrunkenDrummer DnB song!

Sadly for my trance ideas...
I can't get the gating effects to work as I want them to, so now I'm taking a break and maybe some time
after holiday there will be a new real Trance tune to bother you guys with :)

I may have found a nice tune.

2008-10-15 13:19:44 by Zn3tz

A new song is in progress, can't say when It'll be uploaded but hopefully not to long till It's done.
Also I've found an interest for Flash, well making not only watching, so maybe you'll see some of my flash in the next year or something :)


2008-08-05 08:12:45 by Zn3tz

Found a nice trance radio with nice tracks and stuff, you as a techno or trance fan should check it out :)
Also, I find inspiring tunes there, so its not wrong to tune in fore some new ideas ;)

Nothing new

2008-08-05 07:54:07 by Zn3tz

Just uploaded a new song and now I have no more music coming up, ok maybe soon, so stay tuned, or whatev... :)